A sneak peek inside the Fit Mommy Secrets e-manual

This training manual will give you everything you need to get back in shape after giving birth

How do you know if this manual is for you?

* You want to start exercising after birth, but you don't know how to start

* You are afraid to resume exercise on your own

* You have aches and pains from pregnancy and taking care of your new born

* You don't have time to go to the gym

* You still lack energy

* You have 10 or more lbs to lose

* You have given birth quite some time ago and you still have a mommy tummy and thighs

* Conventional exercise is too painful

* You want to exercise the right way to be healthy to take care of your baby

If one or more of your answers was YES, then the workouts in this manual will turn your life around!

In only 12 weeks and less than 50 easy to do at home workouts, you will feel like your body has returned to its strong, balanced, fit and happy self. You will find you no longer complain of aches and pains, you find taking care of your baby much easier and chores don't tire you. You will enjoy resumed energy and vitality and a sense of well being like you couldn't believe in the first days after birth.

Inside the Fit Mommy Secrets e-manual you will find:

* State of the art exercise demonstration and detailed exercise description by Galina Talkington, NSCA-CPT, perinatal fitness expert

* Exercises you can do at home, with no need for a gym or special equipment

* One of a kind step by step approach to organizing workouts, suitable for the busiest of moms

* Flexible work out schedule

* A once and for all solution to your mummy tummy

* Easy to follow weight loss nutrition guidelines

* Simple posture correction exercises to alleviate pains and aches

If you have already purchased the Fit Mommy Secrets e-manual, look forward to getting some exciting bonuses.

Roll & Stretch e-manual for busy moms

Back to the gym - 4 weeks of fat loss strength training

Enjoy the benefits of training and live a full and happy life after pregnancy!

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